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Hawaii Center for Regenerative Medicine is introducing  the  use of Stem Cell Therapy in the treatment of Joint and Spine Degeneration and for Facial and Hair Rejuvenation.

Stem cell therapy is exploding in the medical field, and for good reason. Stem cells have the potential to regenerate into any type of body tissue.  The amazing thing about stem cells is that when you inject them into the body, they know what kind of cells your body needs – for example, meniscus cells or cartilage cells.  It is a very exciting time for medicine, especially in the field of regenerative medicine......

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Dr. Smigel

Dr. Liza Maniquis-Smigel is an expert at diagnosing and treating pain and restoring maximum function lost through injury, illness or disabling conditions. Physiatrists are trained to treat the whole person and not just the symptoms.  Dr. Smigel maintains a close personal relationship with each individual to optimize medical and pharmaceutical intervention with therapy goals and plans of care. She  tracks the progress of all patients and provides guidance to improve overall quality of life. Dr. Smigel strives to provide the best non-surgical  intervention available.  Clinical experience has shown prolotherapy and ligament regenerative/neural injections provide unsurpassed benefits when all other treatment has failed to produce a lasting result. This can be used for arthritis, musculoskeletal problems, injuries and neurological problems, regardless of severity or duration. As a key part of a holistic practice, consultations and care plants are individualized and tailored to meet each person's unique needs and lifestyle.

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