Prolo Hawaii


Aug 15 2011 July 30, 2011 I am returning from a 5 week European Family Holiday Vacation and had a marvelous time!

Dr. Smigel Europe

We left Hawaii June 22nd and flew into Barcelona and rented a car immediately.  After a one amazing week on  the road through Catalonia and Basque provinces of Spain and Southern France, we spent a few days in Barcelona then left for a   12 day Mediterrean Cruise,visiting places in Italy, France, Monte Carlo, Greece and Turkey, ending in Venice.

It was great cruising with many of our friends.  While on the ship, I treated many staff and friends with NPT for their chronic pain.   After the cruise, we visited a very dear friend and fellow prolotherapist, Steve Cavallino, and enjoyed his hospitality at  his beach villa in Ferrara.

We also round de voued with our friends, the Crawfords there and then and travelled overland thru the Dolomites and Italian Alps, towards Germany. We spent time in Frankfurt and Berlin.

I managed to fly to Dublin for a day for a prolo clinic that Pat and Niall McDonagh organized.  We flew to Chicago for a very quick and fun Family reunion yesterday.

Again, I treated family members with prolotherapy.

This has been a great and wonderful and memorable holiday!

In a way, it  also became a working vacation,  treating patients with prolotherapy. It is so gratifying to be able to help people with their pain and to help spread the word about Neural Prolotherapy.

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