Prolo Hawaii


2017 Hackett Hemwall Patterson Foundation Medical Mission to Honduras

In March, Dr. Smigel traveled to Honduras with a group of dedicated physicians, nurses and assistants to serve and treat the people of Honduras. She is considered one of the premier prolotherapy instructor and directed one of the cities that they serve in Honduras where she organized the team and taught the new physicians prolotherapy. The group consists of experienced teachers of prolotherapy along with selected physicians that wish to learn prolotherapy from these premier instructors , Nurses, medical assistants and other “helpers” round out the medical group and high school students from the bilingual school come to help interpret. In addition to the medical staff, we also have other assistants to help with building, maintenance, shuttling, and general all around helpers. Our physicians and assistants come from around the world and from many backgrounds. The primary goal is to serve and help people that are less fortunate and and in need of care.